((That’s it my teeth are officially rotted away and I can no longer stay conscious. Goodbye cruel world full of sweet people! I knew you relatively well… X’P)) 

((Gosh dang you people are so freaking sweet lately! You all are gonna make me get cavities or something I swear. XD I wouldn’t consider myself perfect but thank you for saying so! I will keep trying my best because I love putting smiles on other peoples faces!))

((Thank you kind friend! ^3^ I promise to try my best to have a fantastic day as long as you do the same okay? ^_^))

I also enjoy fields of wildflowers, there are so many beautiful colors.

((Hehe thank you! ^3^ I worked really hard on it!))

Aw спасибо comrade, that is wonderful compliment and I think you are very pretty as well. 

I am thinking you can serve yourself.

((Hehe yea it was. ^_^’ I cosplayed Kyoya and now I’m gonna cosplay Haruhi.))

Да, конечно! We can all be great friends and become one! Thank you for the wonderful gifts! ^J^

((Aw thanks kind anon! ^///^))

…I could have said something to that effect…on at least one occasion…

Hallo friend! That is very kind of you! ^J^

…I am thinking he heard you…