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AMKE 15 Panel Auditions




Here’s the deal: I’m gonna be leading a panel at Anime Milwaukee 2015 called ‘Hetalia: A Beautiful Improv’.
Y’know what it’s gonna be about? Hetalia characters, improv acting!

And I want YOU to audition for it!
If you’re interested, send me an ask, fanmail or submission saying that you’re interested in auditioning.


  • You are DEFINITELY, 100% SURE going to be at AMKE ‘15
  • Your cosplay for your character is FINISHED

If you meet those, then you’ll get a little prompt (ex: Nation meets Beyonce at coffee shop) and then you need to send me a video of you acting that prompt out!

Your video should include:

  • An in-character introduction of yourself (Less than 30 seconds)
  • Acting out of the prompt you received (less than 90 seconds)
Your audition video will be judged by the other panelists based on the following:
image So keep that in mind when you’re acting!

There are only 6 spots available!

We already have: America, Denmark, Iceland, Italy, Scotland, and Russia.

Auditions will be closed by January 1st, 2015! ))


The other panelists and I have come up with a rubric so that we can judge auditions as objectively as possible. The summary of it is now included in the original post. ))

((Thanks guys you’re hella sweet! ^///^ I promise to keep trying my best because I love making people happy!))

hey I drew this picture for you, hope you like it. i’m not very good at drawing, sadly… 

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Sure why not! Italy is always talking about it and how good it is so I was thinking I could try it.

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