We do not get along? I was thinking we got along pretty well. I mean we have our disagreements but that is not surprising between two nations. I wonder if other people are thinking we do not get along…


I’m sorry, but this is one of my favorite headcanons about Ivan, and this character shaming (with the awesome cosplay of ask-aphrussia ! ;) ) was too cute…

Please never repost my art without my permission

Why would I not? Everyone can become one with Mother Russia! And someday they will, да? 

((So a not very nice anon informed me that my character shaming post about periods was really cissexist. Well that was Ic and I’d like to add that you can be a female but still be a man and you can be a male but still be a woman because sex and gender are two different things. However I will add that I did not intend to offend anyone.))

*dancing intensifies* It is wonderful да? 



…sometimes I get so hungry…the cupcakes start to be looking so inviting… >J>

All you have to do is ask! =3= Asking never hurt anyone.

Da I know you are right… я извиняюсь. ;J;


ask-aphrussia look what I found!!

OJO That is looking so delicious….where do I find this wonderful cake comrade?

((Oh my goooossshhh O/////O This is so sweet and lovely! I can’t stop smiling! I just do the best I can but it’s nice to know I’m doing it well. ^_^’ Thank youuu! :3))

How was I supposed to be knowing it was female only thing.

Well…who would not be thinking this…