You can become one with me but I am afraid there is no room in jacket for you. 

((Haha this was funny, thanks for choosing me XD))


(( ooc: I’m head over heels for this lass, ask-aphrussia.))

((Awwwww I feel the same way about you my dear lovable senpai X’D))

((You don’t wanna cross this muggle on the Quidditch field. B3 But yea I play Quidditch, I’m not very good but I try my best and have fun so that’s all that counts! ^_^ If anyone is interested in the mechanics of the game and such here’s a link to the official website: 

((That’s only because you’ve seen me from my good angles…you haven’t seen my snapchats. This is a common angle and face used for my selfies. >.<))

((Thank you! ^3^ I’m still surprised by it to be honest. ^_^’))

((Hee hee thank you friend! :3 Okie dokie here goes:

1) I have a tattoo of a branch of cherry blossoms on my foot

2) I am one of the captains of my college Quidditch Team!

3) I have a phobia of ghosts and will hyperventilate if I’m left alone in a dark room…

4) I love to bake and cook, my specialties are either wild rice soup, chocolate chip cookies, or pancakes XD

5)  I’ve only been cosplaying for about a year now ^_^’

Who just dared to- Oh ah wait do not leave! Okay, goodbye I suppose…

It is so silent. I…ah…I do not know what to do…


Here is Caramelldansen.
Everyone happy now, da? And I apologize for Amerika’s intrusion…he was just wanting to participate so badly…^J^’

((Holy frickety frack! I reached over 2,000 followers and I just want to say thank you to all of you that do follow me. I did not think I would get this many followers ever, especially so freaking quickly. You are all lovely and I highly enjoy being able to brighten your days even if only a little bit!))